RAF HALTON 1953 - 1956

(Updated 26 August 2012)

( Includes New 75th Window)


St Georges Church - Windows
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Window Wall Completed and Side wall Added, taken on 9th July 2009

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On this page are My Photographs of the Entry Windows, in St Georges Church, R.A.F. Halton
(Dave Howell - WebMaster 7T5 Club)

They may be freely used by any Ex Halton Apprentice,
& if used on a website or in a publication, an acknowledgement would be nice.

Click on the number in the table below (or the photo on this page) to look at a larger image of 'Your' Window.
Then position the cursor on the image, and 'Click' on the 'Hamburger with Four Arrows' in the
bottom right cornerof the image to enlarge or reduce it.

(You can then save the image by Right clicking the mouse on the image and Left clicking on 'Save Picture as..' from the menu that appears)

(n.b. The disparity in the proportions of the images on this page are mainly caused by the angle from which the photo's were taken)


One thing you may like to try - When you have copied the picture of 'Your' window, try printing it on a sheet of 'Transparency Film' (available at most computer shops) and make a minature Window for pasting on to a mirror or window pane.


Entrance Hall Window (Above)

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